A history movements for social reform concerned child labor in great britian

Social Reform, Child Labor

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Responses to the Industrial Revolution

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Social history

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The Peel Web

Unions for relevant workers were slow to develop. The campaign against child labour culminated in two important pieces of legislation – the Factory Act () and the Mines Act (). The Factory Act prohibited the employment of children younger than nine years of age and limited the hours that children between nine and 13 could work.

The crusade and triumph of Reform. Ambivalence by many, to the desperate situation of the poor in the early 19th century, stood alongside the actions of others, who demanded reform at every turn. The campaigning social reformers worked in all areas of society. They concerned themselves with the sick and destitute, seeking reform to the Poor Laws.

But, soon after the rebellion, legislative-reform movements took hold and fulfilled some of the more progressive Luddite demands, such as minimum wage laws, child and female labor laws, and the right to organize as workers. Feb 17,  · Victorian social reform, by Asa Briggs.

The Earl of Shaftesbury. The individual most involved in a sequence of different social reforms was the evangelical Tory philanthropist Anthony Ashley.

In his History of the Factory Movement, published inSamuel Kydd claimed that the Movement's 'efforts in the factories, on the platform, through the Press, the pulpit and the Parliament, called into existence almost every shade of controversy, religious, moral, social, economical, political.

Economic history of the United Kingdom

Social Reform, Child Labor personal grants, Social legislation, parliamentary inquiry, textile factories, social reform. The earliest and most persistent movement for social reform concerned child labor.

A history movements for social reform concerned child labor in great britian
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