A history of nazism and holocaust during the second world war

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Catholic Church and Nazi Germany during World War II

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Use of Arts in the Second World War by Nazi

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Overview of World War II

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History of the Jews during World War II

Poland, home of the largest Jewish community in the world before the war, had over 90% of its Jewish population, or about 3, Jews, murdered by the Nazis.

Greece, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, and Latvia each had over 70% of their Jewish population killed. Prior to the Second World War, all of North Africa and the Middle East were under the control of European powers. Despite the Nazi racial theories which denigrated Arabs as members of an inferior race, individual Arabs who assisted the Reich in fighting the British for possession of the Middle East were treated with honor and respect.

Ukrainian collaboration with Nazi Germany took place during the military occupation of modern-day Ukraine by Nazi Germany in World War II. At that time the new territorial divisions included Distrikt Galizien and Reichskommissariat Ukraine covering both, the south-eastern territories of the Second Polish Republic and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic across former borders.

World War II was the most devastating war in history because it included the most countries and killed the most people. It began in as a European conflict, but quickly escalated into a. Mar 19,  · Watch video · Historian Dr Anna Mlynik-Shawcross said: “The Holocaust was a genocide perpetrated during the second world war by German Nazis in Germany and German-occupied lands.

GETTYAuthor: Sebastian Kettley. The Holocaust is a name that was given the genocide of approximately six million Jewish people during the Second World War.

The Holocaust provides an understanding of the intolerance of religion and how power can cause individuals to perform heinous acts.5/5(1).

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