A history of the hidden youth phenomenon in hong kong

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Inside the caged world of Hong Kong's 'hidden youths'

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Hong Kong action cinema

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Policy agenda and organizational practices. Victor Wong. Professor & Head. Department of Social Work. Hong Kong Baptist University. Abstract. Economically inactive young people who are not pursuing any studies or training are The phenomenon of youth-at-risk who are secluded at home and disengaged from.

Hong Kong is a hybrid culture, influenced by China and Britain, but overall by its international economic ties, which plays a role in shaping the lives of the youth in Hong Kong. The youth in Hong Kong are unique in the fact that many are living Transnationalist identities. The recent murder cases involving Hong Kong youths have undoubtedly left people shaken and caused many to question just what has gone wrong with our society.

The phenomenon of "hidden youths. Chan, GHY, Lo, TW () Quality of life of the hidden youth in Hong Kong. Applied Research in Quality of Life 9: – Google Scholar, Crossref: Chan, GHY, Lo, TW (a) Do friendship and intimacy in virtual communications exist?

An investigation of online. What is Hidden Youth? Definition:  Hidden Youth is a Japanese term “Hikikomori(ひきこもり or 引き籠もり)” to refer to the phenomenon of reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from social life, In Hong Kong, the term Hidden Youth is interpreted as “隱蔽青年” or “隱青”.

Youth in Hong Kong, according to the University of Hong Kong Statistical Profile, Hong Kong is an international city and is a mix of East and West rich in cultures, history, and religions." The disparity between the rich and poor within Hong Kong .

A history of the hidden youth phenomenon in hong kong
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