A history of the kurds in geography a nation without a state

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History: Middle East/ The Kurds - A Nation Without a State term paper 11222

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Stateless nation

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Stateless nation

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Conclusion Without the support of a large powerful nation such as the U.S., the Kurds will probably never establish an independent Kurdish state. The Kurds do not have enough military power to fight off the Turks and Iraqis without help.

The Kurds are the world’s largest nation without a state. The closest thing Kurds have to an independent state is the KRG, which administers semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan. The president of.

The areas of geography relating to these specific conflicts are a historical claim to territory on the part of the Kurds, cultural geography, economic geography, and political geography. These four areas of geography can best explain the reasons for these Kurdish conflicts.

First, the Kurds have a valid historical claim to territory. The history of Kurds in the area actually began during ancient times.

However, the desire for a Kurdish homeland did not begin until the early 's, around the time of World War I. In his Fourteen Points, President Woodrow Wilson promised the Kurds a sovereign state (Hitchens, p.

Kurds - A People Without a State

54, ). There are important Kurdish minorities in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria, and Iraq’s Kurds are concentrated in The Kurdish language and traditional way of life The Kurdish language is a West Iranian language related to Persian and Pashto.

World History term papers (paper ) on The Kurds: A Nation Without a State: Click Here For Research Papers Online! Geography/History The Kurds: A Nation Without a State Introduction Of all the ethnic groups in the worl.

A history of the kurds in geography a nation without a state
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World History/The Kurds: A Nation Without a State term paper