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How to write a personal statement for history

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History and Politics

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Personal Statement - History and Politics 5

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At first it was written to settle in, but I quickly became scared to the way of learning and also to Korea life in general. We asked admissions tutors what they're looking for in your history personal statement.

For more personal statement advice, Dr Selina Todd from the University of Oxford told us she's looking for creative evidence of your engagement with history.

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History and Politics

The History and Politics course aims to bring together complementary but separate disciplines to form a coherent and stimulating programme. The degree not only enables students to set contemporary political problems in their historical perspective, but also equips them to approach the study of the past with the conceptual rigour derived from political science.

Sample Politics Personal Statement. Politics affects us all and to ignore it is to be in the dark about our world.

History of Scotland

It is through ignorance of politics that many people have acquiesced to unjust institutions and unfair political practices.

Find out about History/Politics at Oxford Brookes University, including entry requirements, Write a UCAS Progress personal statement; Apprenticeships and traineeships.

Apprenticeships for post; where you study History alongside Politics. Our History course makes the past come alive with high quality teaching by world class historians.

History and politics personal statement oxford
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