History of blue jeans essay

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History of Jeans

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History of Jeans and Denim

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HISTORY OF JEANS: FROM WORKPANTS TO HIGH FASHION. INTRODUCTION ves Saint-Laurent once stated that he wished he had invented blue jeans as jeans “are expressive and discreet, they have sex appeal and simplicity,-everything I could want for the clothes I design” (The Fashion Book, Levi Strauss Designer, ).

A History Of Blue Jeans: From Miners' Wear to American Classic

Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia's founder, got his start as a climber in as a year-old member of the Southern California Falconry Club, which trained hawks and falcons for hunting.

From workaday outerwear to the laps of multi-billionaires, blue jeans have withstood the wear and tear of time as an American icon.

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History of blue jeans essay
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