History of russia 1855 1881

Alexander II

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Russia (1881-1921)

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Alexander II of Russia

"Reform" in Russia () Summary The Russian defeat in the Crimean War was a wake-up call to the autocracy. While St.

History of Russia (1855–92)

Petersburg could boast that it commanded the largest army in Europe (in numbers), poor roads, antiquated weapons, and low morale prohibited the. A timeline giving in depth details of Tsarist Russia from - Russian Domestic Policy, When Alexander II.

succeeded to the throne inthe CRIMEAN WAR was still going on. Technologically, Russia was backward, threatened to fall ever more behind. Russia had increased industrial output significantly and had become the World’s fourth largest industrial economy.

However, the rise in industrialisation had led to a move away from the countryside to the cities where people depended on sufficient incomes to pay for rent, food etc.

Tsarist Russia was the largest land empire in modern world history, stretching across one sixth of the world's land surface - map. The vast empire stretched 6, miles from Poland and the Baltic States in the West all the way to Vladivostok and the Pacific Ocean in the East.

Jul 04,  · Russia & the USSR, Part 1: Alexander II, History of Russia in Minutes Russia and the USSR part .

History of russia 1855 1881
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Alexander II ( – ). History of Russia