Overview of manchesters castlefeild viaducts history essay

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Manchester Central, CLC & GN Warehouses & Castlefield Viaducts

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Overview Of Manchesters Castlefeild Viaducts History Essay ABSTRACT The Castlefield viaducts form a part of the city’s fascinating network of transport infrastructure, which includes canals, waterways.

Castlefield is in the southern area of the Manchester City Centre. The area was a brownfield site and had declining warehouses, mills, offices, contaminated land, unpleasant railway viaducts, unkempt waterways, the Bridge Water Canal and the Liverpool Road Railway Station.

This very brief history of Manchester is included here to help people who don't know Manchester to understanding something of its history.

I have made every effort to make sure that everything on this page and throughout the site is both interesting and accurate but I make no claim that it is a comprehensive history.

The Castlefield Viaducts are reminders of Manchester city’s bold and distinguished Victorian era architecture. At sunset, the viaducts cast quite remarkable geometric shadows across the arena and over Castlefield, which is a beautiful sight and adds to the cultural feel of the area.

Deansgate, also known as Manchester Deansgate, is a railway station in Manchester city centre, England, approximately 1, yards (1 km) west of Manchester Piccadilly in the Castlefield area, at the junction of Deansgate and Whitworth Street West. Castlefield, Manchester Overview.

Located at the South west of the city centre, Castlefield is the first Urban Heritage Park of Great Britain.

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It has numerous canals and railway viaducts, a /5(43).

Overview of manchesters castlefeild viaducts history essay
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